NEREN’s purposes are to:

(1) maximize the educational and information exchange potential of communication network resources by developing advanced networking among Members of the Corporation through regional cooperation and collaboration;

(2) pool the ever-expanding body of regional scientific, medical, and educational expertise to support the research, education and healthcare communities; and

(3) extend the benefits of its activities to promote technology transfer, economic and workforce development, and network security for government, the nonprofit community, and the broader society.

The Corporation has eight (8) classes of Members. Those Classes consist of seven (7) “State” Classes of Members and one “At Large” Class of Members. The names of the initial State Classes are as follows: (i) Connecticut, (ii) Massachusetts, (iii) New York, (iv) Rhode Island, (v) Maine, (vi) New Hampshire, and (vii) Vermont.

It is our intention to have two representatives from each class as directors on the Board of Directors. Each class will nominate one or more persons for the position of director representing their class, and the Board will elect a nominee.