Homeland Security

A common network infrastructure, system redundancy, and coordinated management. NEREN can provide a robust regional network that can be utilized as a powerful back-up system. It has the potential to provide a powerful platform for homeland security and disaster planning by integrating data and information from police, fire, emergency medical services, hospitals, airports and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the Northeast. It can also be a platform for Internet security for the entire region.

Integration with Intelligent Traffic Systems. First Responder communications systems such as next generation radios and wireless networks are being deployed within states as Homeland Security enhancements. NEREN is uniquely suited to provide a region-wide backbone, to connect such communications systems.

Development of a common emergency communications system. On September 11th when the World Trade Center Towers collapsed, virtually all communications in Manhattan, and those linking it to the rest of the country, were severed. One network, The Research and Education Network in New York, called NYSERNet, maintained its connectivity. The strength and resiliency of these network rings during times of emergency can receive no larger testimony. These same attributes can be transferred throughout the Northeast through NEREN.

Isolating key network hardware. Key network equipment, such as computers, data storage facilities and telecommunications systems, now located inside most of the existing rings, can be relocated more than 100 miles from central cities and accessed through NEREN, thus protecting individual local, state and federal assets.